Akhand Samrajya Yoga in Vedic Astrology

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Pages Liked by This Page. Bridgewater Hospital. Astrology with astro nishtha. Recent Post by Page. An Elixir Astro Navprayas. Bina ka dosh ka ratna koi bhi grah kahi bhi betha ho koi bhi dharan kar sakta hai.

Yogas and Astrology

Jaha bhi ratna me dosh hua to kuch log hi dharan kar sakte hai. Life: 5 yr 4 Month 18 Days. Ratno ki world ki sabse khan Srilanka me Ratnapura jo colombo se 93 km hai.

पुरुषों को धनवान बनाता है कुंडली में महाभाग्य योग -- धनलक्ष्मी योग in Astrolodgy. Suresh Shrimali

Ratna surya ki rashmiyo se charge ho kar hume charge karte hai humari kundli ke grah ki degree or shadbal ke anusar jitni matra me hume energy chahiye hoti hai utni matra me hume energy pradan karte hai. Native ke lagna chart or d-9 chart ke anusar ratna suggest kiye jate hai. Ratna ka sabse pehla kaam: 1. If Sun, Mars and Saturn together occupy the fifth house in the chart, it also forms aarisht yoga.

Raj Yoga There are several combinations that from Rajyoga in chart. When there is a combination among the lords of Kendra house and Trikon houses, it is called a Raj Yoga. For example, if the lord of 9th house occupies your 10th house in the chart, it will form a Raj Yoga. In fact, this is one of the strongest combinations of Raj Yoga. The most powerful house in Kendra is the 10th house and in Trikon, 9th house is the strongest. These two houses deal with the most important aspects of our life.

When a Raj Yoga occurs in the horoscope, the native enjoys prosperity and good health. He or she is likely to earn a lot of name and fame. Natives with Raj Yoga rarely face issues in wealth and property matters. These natives tend to be blessed with own home. A conjunction of the lords of 1st, 5th and 9th house also forms a Raj Yoga and affords the native with a lot of fame in society. Such a native enjoys a powerful position.

He or she would likely make a mark in a reputed field such as science. When Venus is in Taurus in Ascendant and at the same time, lord of 9th and 10th house are conjunct with the lord of 5th house in either Kendra or Trine, it forms a strong Raj Yoga too. Raj Yoga often signifies name, fame, prosperity, profits, and respect. The result of this Yoga largely depends upon the strength of the planets involved, their lordships and whether they are placed in a positive house or not.

This Yoga increases the power of the planets involved. It leads to better wealth opportunities good fortune, fame and positivity in life. However, in case of planets being malefic or placed in negative house, the results can be negative too. There are three types of exchange yoga: 1. Maha Exchange Yoga When there is an exchange between lord of any houses other than 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, it is called Maha Exchange Yoga. Kendra and trine houses are major progressive houses and become stronger if a positive exchange takes place leading to more wealth, name fame and progress in life.

Dainya Exchange Yoga This Yoga forms when there is an exchange between lord of Kendra or trine houses with 6th, 8th or 12th house lords. This Yoga is relatively negative as native has an instable life and has to struggle a lot. Some health issues and financial problems persist too. Kahala Exchange yoga When the lord of 3rd house forms an exchange with lord of any other house, it forms a Kahala Exchange yoga. Native with this yoga has the courage and willpower needed to make efforts to rise in life.

He or she is a self-made individual.

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This Yoga works well for people involved in fields such as planning, strategy, completion, scheming etc. This is considered an auspicious combination in Vedic Astrology. The yoga formed by Mars is called Ruchika Yoga. The stronger the planets, better would be the results.


Native is very courageous, strong, witty, popular, successful and victorious. Bhadra yoga : When Mercury is placed in Gemini or Virgo in Kendra or trine houses from Ascendant or natal moon, it forms a Bhadra yoga. Native is highly intellectual, wise, gentle, generous, sharp-minded, and a quick learner endowed with strong memory and communication skills. Native becomes knowledgeable, educated, learned, prosperous, helping, spiritually inclined and fond of religious books. Native with this yoga is physically attractive, graceful, charming and artistically inclined. He or she may be fond of music, arts, jewelry, beauty, decorations, fashionable clothing, accessories, fragrances, luxuries and company of women.

This combination engenders a strong politician. Such natives indulge in social work. They have strong judgment, leadership qualities, and are strongly attached to their native land. They live a happy life and also become owner of a property. Mahabhagya Yoga Mahabhagya yoga involves three of the most important planets, the lord of ascendant, Sun and Moon. These three represent body, soul and mind respectively this their placement has a strong influence on our life.

The rules of Mahabhagya yoga differ for male and female natives. Male natives: When ascendant lord, Sun and Moon are placed in odd signs, i. Female natives: When ascendant lord, Sun and Moon are placed in even signs, i. This yoga makes the native wealthy, fortunate, lord of lands, popular, authoritative figure, physically attractive, generous, leader, good-natured and renowned person.

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Such a native bears good children too. Neech bhang yoga When a planet is debilitated and the debilitation gets nullified due to some combination, it is called Neech Bhang yoga. Now there are certain conditions that should be met to form the yoga. When the sign occupies both the exalted and debilitated planet, the negative effect neutralizes. For example, when Jupiter and Mars are together in Cancer, it cancels the debilitation of Mars since another planet is in its exalted position. When the lord of the sign where a debilitated planet is positioned is itself placed in Kendra house from Moon or Ascendant.

When the lord of the sign where a debilitated planet is positioned is exalted in Kendra house from Moon or Ascendant.